Over ten years of experience designing usability solutions for brands like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Groupon, Allstate, DePaul University, Sony,  Vitamin Water, Atlantic Records and Northwestern University

Master of Science degree from DePaul University's Human-Computer Interaction program


SharePoint Development

Having worked in industries varying from entertainment to higher education to small business and corporate, I’ve spent a lot of time developing and maintaining SharePoint sites for each. Although the needs are different, I have been able to continually stay abreast of the latest updates to the project management software from Microsoft and create spaces that promoted collaboration and team development. I’ve worked with a variety of widgets and layouts that included blogs, team sites, public facing websites and file storage. I have been the lead developer for sites ranging from fifteen employees to a few hundred employees. Part of my development includes working with stakeholders and training them to be able to work with the system and be the SME amongst their team, thus creating a more dynamic support system when issues came up.