Over ten years of experience designing usability solutions for brands like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Groupon, Allstate, DePaul University, Sony,  Vitamin Water, Atlantic Records and Northwestern University

Master of Science degree from DePaul University's Human-Computer Interaction program



Recent Projects

Below are some recent projects that I have worked on with my team at the American Medical Association and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois. If you would like to see other work examples, past projects can be found on the "Work" section of this site. 


Topic Hub

The first part of a complete redesign of the American Medical Association's (AMA) is a Topic Hub that collects relevant news articles, resources and media based upon the page's topic. The goal is to frame all of the content produced by the AMA into topics that meet the specific needs of different medical specialties, professionals' roles and current trends.


Health Insurance Blog

My team received a request to provide a solution for a content team to publish their own dynamic articles while not having the space seem overly corporate/health care oriented. We have flexibility in the sense that we have very little constraints for what it can't be and the freedom to make it as innovative and unique as we can.


Care Manager System

Occasionally, projects that involve many different groups and as many different digital tools can become overwhelming and problematic. This project has all of those ingredients but so far, my team has proved itself as an invaluable asset in organizing the project and supplying valuable observations from a number of user research sessions we had in the foundation phase of the project.

HCSC Redesign Sitemap copy 2.jpg

Parent Company Site Redesign

My team had the chance to be involved in a high profile project that involved redesigning our parent company's website. The content remains the same but we have an opportunity to restructure the navigation and provide an updated look.